International Science Summer School 2023 – applications are open!

February 21, 2023

The Weizmann International Summer Science Institute (ISSI) in Israel is back and applications are now open for budding, young Australian science students who are studying at University this year, to attend the program from 4-27 July 2023.

The ISSI offers a unique opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of scientific research first hand, working with Weizmann’s top scientists, as well as learning more about life in Israel today.  Scholarships to attend ISSI are funded by the Trawalla Foundation and private philanthropists and cover:

  • Study related expenses
  • Food and accomodation on campus
  • Tours as a part of the program
  • Flights to and from Israel.

Applicants must be talented, science-oriented students who graduated from high school last year and are at the early stages of their undergraduate studies. They must be 18 years old prior to the program’s start date in July 2023.

The ISSI began in 1969, and since then around 80 highly talented science students from around the world have gathered together each year to spend a month at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel for the program.

An in-person ISSI has not been held since 2019 so it is with much excitement that Weizmann Australia announced its return to provide this exceptional experience for Australian science students.  Past alumni have found ISSI highly formative and gone on to great achievements afterwards – read more about their stories here.

Students could find themselves working on a strategy to eradicate cancer cells, studying surfaces using scanning tunnelling microscopy, learning about how semiconductors behave, or designing a computer program to simulate neurotransmitter release. This is just a sample – the opportunities are vast. This intense program offers the opportunity to taste the realities of research through hands-on experience.

The first few weeks are spent working in Weizmann laboratories. Participating students are assigned in small groups to work on research projects under the supervision of Weizmann Institute scientists. The work combines exploration of problems in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer sciences, instruction in the use of sophisticated laboratory equipment, and experimental procedures.

The ISSI is academically demanding as well as very intensive and while motivation and a strong scientific background are essential, teamwork is another fundamental criterion of the program. Participating students work together on assigned projects, and are required to submit a written report and present their project as a team.

After all the hard work, the final days are spent in the Judean Desert and the Negev, where expert guides lead hikes and excursions that acquaint participants with the ecological, geographical, geological, zoological and archaeological characteristics of the region.

Tours of Israel are an integral part of the program as they give participants a sense of the beauty of the country and introduce them to the history and diverse culture of Israel. The schedule also allows for free time, social activities, group discussions and more. During free time participants can enjoy the extensive recreational and library facilities on campus.

For information on how to apply and for any queries contact Dr Kirsten Shteinman at Applications close on Friday, 31 March.

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