The Weizmann Institute of Science has an exciting number of graduate and post graduate opportunities available to science graduates from around the world.

The Feinberg Graduate School is the focal point of these opportunities and has a goal of educating toward international leadership in scientific research and discovery.

Founded in 1958, the School has become a world leader in teaching motivated students to conduct independent research at the cutting-edge of science.  It is the academic arm of Weizmann and is responsible for all student and postdoctoral activities offering graduate programs leading to either a Master of Science (MSc) and/or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Study programs are offered in five major fields of study: Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, and Science Teaching.

Applications to the PhD tracks are accepted throughout the year, while applications to the MSc degree must be received before the end of May for the following academic year, typically beginning in late October.

In addition to the degree programs, the School administrates the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the Institute. Applications to this program are accepted throughout the year.

For more information about the School and how to apply, visit their website here or contact us at

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