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5 August 2018 | Weizmann in Israel

Combined Approach Offers Hope to Lung Cancer Patients Who Become Resistant to Drugs

New-generation lung cancer drugs have been effective in a large number of patients, but within about a year, the patients tend to develop resistance to the therapy. Researchers at the...

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5 August 2018 | Weizmann in Israel

Semi-arid forests could reduce global warming

Although new trees are cropping up in many places around the globe in an effort to fight climate change, it has become apparent that not all types of forests are...

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29 July 2018 | Weizmann in Australia

‘Re-educating’ cancer cells could reverse malignancy

It doesn’t often happen that army generals switch sides in the middle of a war, but when cancer’s attack is underway, it may even cause a gene that acts as...

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29 July 2018 | Weizmann in Israel

Recalculating the Route: The Ant Version

Humans cooperate to move heavy objects – whether they are lifting stones for the building of a pyramid or just moving the fridge. The only other creature known to cooperate...

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29 July 2018 | Weizmann in Australia, Weizmann in the News

Weizmann-Garvan Partnership Gets $1M Boost

As reported recently in Australian Jewish News by Shane Desianik The potential to uncover cures and personalised treatments for cancer through advancements in genomic medicine was significantly boosted earlier this...

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