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9 March 2018 | Weizmann in Israel, Weizmann in the News

Unveiling the Depths of Jupiter’s Winds

Three papers published in Nature and broadly reported in the media, answer a question that scientists have been asking ever since Galileo first observed the famous stripes of Jupiter: Are the colorful...

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7 March 2018 | Weizmann in Australia, Weizmann in Israel

ANU student wins second Weizmann summer school scholarship

It was just under two years ago that ANU student, Matt Goh, was awarded the Trawalla Foundation-Weizmann Australia Scholarship to attend the 2016 Weizmann Institute of Science International Summer Science...

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2 March 2018 | Weizmann in Israel, Weizmann in the News

Genetics or Lifestyle: What Is It That Shapes our Microbiome?

The question of nature vs nurture extends to our microbiome – the personal complement of mostly-friendly bacteria we carry around with us and a new study brings more hope for improving...

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20 February 2018 | Videos, Weizmann in Israel, Weizmann in the News

‘Brain on a Chip’ Reveals How the Brain Folds

Being born with a ‘tabula rasa’ – a clean slate – for the brain is something of a curse. Our brains are already wrinkled like walnuts by the time we...

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26 January 2018 | Weizmann in Australia

Bacterial Immune Systems Take the Stage

A systematic study by the Weizmann Institute of Science, uncovering multiple new and unusual bacterial immune defence mechanisms which could pave the way toward new biotech tools, has just been...

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