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20 June 2017 | Weizmann in Israel

Stress in the womb raises risk for compulsive eating

While the symptoms of binge-eating disorder usually first appear in adolescence, a new study shows that the seeds of the disorder may be sown in the womb as a result...

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14 June 2017 | Weizmann in Australia

2017 Summer School scholarships awarded

This year, three high school graduates have been selected to attend the Weizmann Institute of Science International Summer Science Institute (ISSI) in Israel, which takes place over the month of...

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12 June 2017 | Videos, Weizmann in Israel

Cells that rejuvenate the brain

A newly discovered immune cell type by Weizmann scientists may lead to a future treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease manifested by various neuronal pathological processes...

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12 June 2017 | Weizmann in Australia

Bread and health: A personal matter

Bread occupies a unique place in our diet: it accounts for about one-tenth of the calories many people in the West consume and up to 40% of the caloric consumption...

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7 June 2017 | Weizmann in Israel

Young at heart: Restoring cardiac function with a matrix molecule

  Heart disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide, yet the few available treatments are still mostly unsuccessful once the heart tissue has suffered damage. Mammalian hearts are actually...

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