Weizmann Australia’s Making Connections programme brings scientists from Australia and Israel together to share knowledge and expertise.  The Programme’s purpose is to establish scientific cooperation between the Weizmann Institute of Science and Australian scientists by providing funding to initiate research collaborations.

Science has become increasingly global over time and more recently the world has seen a significant percentage in the number of publications with authors from multiple countries and organisations. Bringing a variety of scientific perspectives and knowledge together has many benefits, including increasing the speed and ability to conduct complex research projects through the pooling of multidisciplinary expertise and resources.

Making Connections in Australia began in 2013, based on a model developed between Israel and the UK.  It’s a donor funded programme which has seen over $0.5 million in grants distributed between 2013 and 2017.  Two Making Connections symposia were run in 2014 and 2017, one on diabetes research and one on Cancer.  Each was attended by Weizmann and Australian scientists, where long-lasting and fruitful relationships and scientific collaborations were formed.

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