Every life-changing moment begins with an idea, a concept, a simple curiosity. The Weizmann Institute of Science nurtures these beginnings and embodies a collaboration of inspired minds; who share a thirst for blue-sky research and a commitment to science for the benefit of humanity.

Founded in 1934 and led by Dr Chaim Weizmann as its first President, scientists at the Weizmann Institute relentlessly seek to enhance the quality of life through the frontiers of natural and exact sciences: the life sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics and computer science.

Situated in Rehovot, Israel, the Weizmann campus attracts scientists and students from Israel and all over the globe to carry out curiosity-driven inter-disciplinary research. Each research project focuses on pivotal points for positive change –benefiting health and medicine, protecting our environment, enhancing technology and supporting education. This research has led to over 750 patent applications in the past 10 years.

Today, over 2,600 world-class scientists are engaged in at least 1,200 research projects. Current projects include developing drugs to treat cancer and other diseases, creating technology to form the basis of the polymer industry, improving visual displays for pilot’s headsets and surgeons, inventing a nasal spray device that enables people with ‘locked-in’ syndrome to communicate, and implementing a method for growing seeds that protects them from pests known to destroy crops.

So much of what is exciting about the Weizmann Institute comes down to a feeling, an inspiration, and a collective consciousness of upcoming and established scientists undertaking incredible work that carries potentially endless benefits to all.

In 2023, the Weizmann Institute was ranked ninth in the world in terms of research quality according to the prestigious CWTS Leiden Ranking and 5th in the Nature Innovation Index Supplement in 2022, which indicates the level of research application by patent influence.

“Science is fighting blindness. It’s not that we produce new things, we discover secret things. I see in the Weizmann Institute, a guide to the unlimited skies.”

-Professor Ephraim Katzir, Former President of the Weizmann Institute of Science

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