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24 October 2016 | Weizmann in Israel, Weizmann in the News

Upping oxygen levels could reduce jet lag

New Weizmann Institute of Science research just published in Cell Metabolism and reported in the Times of Israel plus other media, has found that changes in surrounding oxygen levels can reset...

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7 October 2016 | Weizmann in Israel

‘Time machine’ reveals protein evolution

Discovering how proteins originated and developed is the focus of research in the lab of Professor Dan Tawfik of the Weizmann Institute’s Biomolecular Sciences Department, and where, with the help...

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28 September 2016 | Weizmann in Israel, Weizmann in the News

New method – CoChIP- is deciphering ‘epigenic tags’ that determine cellular fate

Weizmann Institute scientists have developed a new method for deciphering ‘epigenetic tags’ which are coded instructions that determine cellular fate. Recently reported in Nature Biotechnology, the method is unlocking the secrets...

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26 September 2016 | Weizmann in Israel, Weizmann in the News

“The ability to transform failures into a learning process is important”

On 14 September 2016 The Korean Economic Daily  e-mail interviewed Professor Daniel Zaifman, President of the Weizmann Institute of Science. This was in commemoration of Global HR Forum 2015, to...

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10 September 2016 | Weizmann in Australia, Weizmann in Israel

Weizmann’s Professor Ido Amit visits Garvan

It was the first time for Weizmann’s Professor Ido Amit to visit the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, where he met senior staff to discuss the recently announced...

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