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13 January 2017 | Weizmann in Israel, Weizmann in the News

Bats remember directions

Navigating to a destination, whether you are a human or a bat, requires a complex set of calculations and interactions among brain cells. Weizmann Institute of Science researchers working with...

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11 January 2017 | Weizmann in Israel, Weizmann in the News

Moon formation challenged

The formation of the Moon has remained something of a puzzle. A leading theory proposes a cataclysmic impact involving a Mars-sized object and a young Earth. But there are some...

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6 January 2017 | Weizmann in Israel

New device measures heat in the very cold

Recently reported in Nature, a new device developed by Weizmann Institute scientists can take the temperature of nanometre-sized materials –  like those that will form the basis of new quantum electronics –...

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19 December 2016 | Weizmann in Israel

Combined research tools create new molecular microscope

What combinations of mutations help cancer cells survive? Which cells in the brain are involved in the onset of Alzheimer’s? How do immune cells conduct their convoluted decision-making processes? Researchers...

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10 December 2016 | Weizmann in Israel

Mixing the perfect cocktail

Drug cocktails, such as those to treat cancer, like the alcoholic versions served at your local bar, are best when the proper ingredients are mixed in the right proportions. And...

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