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25 May 2011 | Weizmann in Australia, Weizmann in Israel

Listening with One Atom

Weizmann Institute scientists set a new record for measuring magnetic vibrations using the spin of a single atom: 100 times more accurate than the previous record The lab, though it...

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27 December 2010 | Weizmann in Australia, Weizmann in Israel

Weizmann Researchers, Together with an International Team, Sequence the Full Woodland Strawberry Genome

In a collaborative effort involving 74 researchers from 38 research institutes, scientists have produced the full genome of a wild strawberry plant. The research appeared this month in Nature Genetics. Drs....

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27 July 2010 | Weizmann in Australia, Weizmann in Israel

New Invention at the Weizmann Institute Enables Severely Disabled to Communicate and Steer a Wheelchair by Sniffing

A unique device based on sniffing – inhaling and exhaling through the nose – might enable numerous disabled people to navigate wheelchairs or communicate with their loved ones. Sniffing technology...

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23 June 2010 | Weizmann in Australia, Weizmann in Israel

Snakes on the Brain

Researchers now can say what would happen in Samuel L. Jackson’s brain if he really were to confront snakes on a plane. In a terrifying sequel to that movie scenario, researchers convinced...

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24 May 2010 | Weizmann in Australia, Weizmann in Israel

Weizmann’s Supernova Find May Shed Light on Some Universal Mysteries

By Judy Siegel Until now, scientists have been able to identify only two basic types of exploding stars known as supernovae. Now Weizmann Institute of Science astrophysicists and colleagues abroad...

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