Science education is a core endeavour of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

As well as having a graduate school it has science classes for school children at all levels and abilities.  It also has programs that allow Australian graduates to visit and learn about science and the Weizmann Institute, while networking with other like-minded young scientists from around the world. Weizmann also has a successful online program that teaches maths and science to youth world-wide, while its programs for girls and minority students have provided support and encouragement for them to engage in science. Professional development held for teachers also provides Weizmann access to a network of skilled science, maths and technology education professionals.

Weizmann Facts

Weizmann’s graduate school educates 1 out of 3 science and maths PhD’s in Israel

Science education is provided for over 300,000 children at Weizmann each year

Since it began in 1970, Weizmann’s tutoring program has helped over 1 million needy children

Weizmann’s award-winning, interactive outdoor science museum has 100,000 visitors each year

Seeking to instil a passion for science – with more than 300,000 kids engaged each year!

Cultivating schoolchildren’s interest and passion in science through extracurricular programs is a key goal of the Davidson Institute of Science Education at the Institute.  Australian can also benefit from the Davidson Institute by using its web-based programs.

Seeking to be unique – visit the only outdoor science museum in the world!

The award winning Clore Garden of Science at Weizmann in Israel has over 100,000 visitors each year, with hands-on exhibits that appeal to the whole family – it is a once in a lifetime experience!

Seeking to educate those left behind by providing tutoring for around a million disadvantaged schoolchildren

Perach is a Weizmann mentoring program which pairs university students with children from under underprivileged backgrounds.  Set up in the early 1970s this is a national project with around 15 per cent of all Israeli college students and tens of thousands of children participating each year.

Seeking to promote female scientists and further their careers

Weizmann is strong at helping its female scientists.  ‘Women in Science’ provides an opportunity for talented PhD recipients to seek overseas careers and has helped 75 such scientists and their families so far.

Seeking to provide great education – each year producing one in three of Israeli science and maths PhDs

Around 1,000 MSc and PhD degrees are granted each year by Weizmann’s Feinberg Graduate School to bright young scientists from around the world.  In addition, its postdoctoral programs allow young researchers to continue studying side by side with some of the world’s leading scientists based at the Institute.

Seeking to inspire immigrant children to embrace science and education

Young Ethiopians are the focus of a special program at Weizmann’s Davidson Institute of Science Education helping them to gain the education and confidence to achieve a career in science and technology.

Seeking to bring science to communities, including the war-torn towns of Israel

Weizmann is so committed to science education its educators take the science programs by van out to the children to all communities, including those affected by war.

Seeking to embrace all – providing science education for both at-risk and gifted youth

Established in 2001, the Davidson Institute of Science Education has modern facilities, teacher development programs and science programs for all – embracing gifted, at-risk and other schoolchildren.

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