Weizmann Australia

Recognising the significant contribution that the Weizmann Institute of Science makes towards advancing the health and prosperity of humankind through its world leading scientific research and recognising the value of enhancing Australian science through internationalisation.

Weizmann Australia’s Mission Is To:

  • Promote awareness in Australia of the exceptional scientific work of the Weizmann Institute,
  • Enhance Australian science education and research through direct association with the Weizmann Institute by Australian scientists, students and supporters,
  • Facilitate collaboration and the development and funding of joint research projects between Australian scientists and scientists at the Weizmann Institute,
  • and Generate Australian financial support for these initiatives and, over time, for the Weizmann Institute.

Weizmann Australia Mission Statement

To understand what WEIZMANN AUSTRALIA seeks to achieve, it is relevant to reflect on the unique culture of the Weizmann Institute of Science. The Weizmann Institute has achieved inspirational scientific results since its relatively recent establishment.  Collaborative relationships across the scientific disciplines and across national boundaries have been a feature of its success.

It enjoys an open and creative culture where excellent scientists are encouraged and empowered to pursuse their areas of scientific curiosity and passion.  Significantly, the work of Weizmann scientists reflect the vision of the Institute: highly ethical, rigorous, multi-disciplinary research for the benefit of humanity.

Established in 2009, WEIZMANN AUSTRALIA supports this outwardly-focused vision. We aim to facilitate opportunities that promote both the work of the Weizmann Institute and the development of Australian maths and science education and research, enabling mutually beneficial engagement between Australian scientists, students and educators and Weizmann Institute scientists, research and education programs. Specifically, WEIZMANN AUSTRALIA focuses on the following key areas:

  • Collaboration – building networks that lead to and support research collaboration between the Weizmann Institute and Australia.
  • Communication  – highlighting the Weizmann Institute’s scientific discoveries and breakthroughs to Australian supporters and the general public.
  • Education  – delivering public benefit through events and education programs that provide unique access to inspirational scientists, cutting-edge research and science education programs.

The Weizmann Institute of Science shares rewarding long-term relationships with the US, Europe, UK, Canada, and Latin America, through it’s global family of satellite offices. WEIZMANN AUSTRALIA looks forward to making similar connections here in Australia.

Weizmann Australia Board Members:

Stephen Chipkin (Chair)
Rina Michael (Executive Director)
Dan Bennett
Dr David Celermajer AO
Paul Rubenstein
Gavin Solsky
Bernie Stang