Technology Transfer

“Having the means to really get to the bottom of research is a very precious commodity.”

Professor Irun Cohen – who works in partnership with Weizmann’s technology transfer company, Yeda Research and Development.

Professor Irun Cohen is one of hundreds of scientists at the Weizmann Institute who benefits from the commercial support of the Yeda Research and Development Company (Yeda), founded by the Weizmann Institute of Science in 1959.

To commercially develop Professor Cohen’s research, Yeda – in partnership with a US joint venture company – established a biotech business, which holds significant potential for people with autoimmune diseases.

Technology transfer enables research such as Professor Cohen’s to benefit from a global, commercial platform in the following ways:

  • By identifying and assessing research projects with commercial potential
  • By protecting the intellectual property of the Institute and its scientists
  • By licensing the Institute’s inventions and technologies to industry, and;
  • By channeling funding from industry to research projects.

When reflecting on the 2008-09 financial year, Yeda facilitated the following technology transfer projects:

  • Over 160 presentations of confidential information to interested companies
  • Over 40 new license and option agreements signed, and;
  • Over 180 patent disclosures submitted by WIS scientists.

In addition, over 100 research projects at the Weizmann Institute of Science were either solely or jointly funded through Yeda.

As the exclusive commercial conduit for Weizmann scientists, Yeda actively seeks additional commercial partners and entrepreneurs to help deliver Weizmann Institute’s technologies to the marketplace.

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